Thursday, August 19

Before my blogging days...

Before I started my blog I did a ton of other projects. Today I'm gonna show you guys a couple of them.
I started going to yard sales & thrift stores at the beginning of the summer & just can't stop! I've always had a crafty side but I mostly made hair bows & BIG tree topper bows, & a HUGE bow for my aunt to put on top of her daughters birthday car.

My first big find was 2 Mirrors for only $2 a piece!! This is the only before picture I could find. They're pretty tall & seriously $2?!?! How could anyone pass that up!

I sanded them, even though it was hard because of all the designs in the wood. Then I painted the one for my bedroom black & did a little distressing on it. I painted the other one white & put it in our hallway bc lets be honest there's only so much my bedroom can hold & I had more important things to put in there (like my thrift store chairs) ;)

So...Here they are!

The black one is hanging in my room now bc at the time I was totally into black accessories, but that white one sure is pretty :)

I also found these at my favorite junk store (thrift store whichever you prefer) for only $3 each!

The clock got a paint job, it use to look like this...

It still needs a new background behind the plastic but I'm looking for the perfect paper for that.
The mirror was in a booth that was having a half off sale, & i had been eyeing it for awhile so I knew it was meant to be!

I made these "candle sticks" out of old legs I found in the barn. I cut, sanded, & painted them. Sry no before pics. You may remember seeing them in my first post.

I made this for our hallway...It's a horrible pic I'm sry.
The Window was in a shed outside & i got the sticker vinyl thing from the Dollar Tree! So the whole project $1 :) & it looks so good in there.

I think that's about all i have for today. & Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the top fall post i wanted to make I've been all over blogland picking my favorites! & also I'm going to have a linky party so everyone can show there fall creations off!

P.S. I've been meaning to make a "button" if anyone has any pointers that would be nice :)

-Brittany Amber

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De Javu Crafts said...

i love your ideas, i love your bench! good job! stop by some time