Saturday, August 28

Best giveaway EVER!

If only I could win this giveaway from Under The Table and Dreaming!!!

This giveaway package incudes:

A Silhouette Machine
Software for Windows XP/Vista
Power cable, USB cable
2 cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
one cutting blade
plusa $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
There's 6 chances to win!

So get on over there & enter to win!

We're having a par-tayy!

This is why I haven't posted all week...

That's right my first week of college. :)  (check out my FREE backpack, I won at orientation!)

I planned on having a fall party today, to celebrate the fact that Arkansas weather is dropping finally & we've even been below the 70s this week. :) That makes me VERY happy. Not only is that a reason for celebration, but also today was my last day at work!! Woo-hoo. I've been working at a bbq restaurant for over a year & i hated it. But now I officially have my CNA license! So before we get this party started I wanted to show yall something I got from my junk store this week.
I had already taped off the only part I actually liked about it before I remember I should take a before pic.
I know it is so ugly! But, I swear it has been looking at me in the Junk Store for weeks. So i finally dished out my 3 little dollars & bought it. & here it is now...

I looove it! The sticker on the back said it was originally $34...umm I'm sorry but there is no way. I think $3 was just fine. I was planning on painting the brown part black, but I liked it just the way it was. When I showed it to Mom she decided she need to keep it hehe.

Now for the lovely lamps :)

Here is my new project for the next few weeks...I'm so excited!

I found this lamp out in our field by a shed it was buried in the ground pretty much (that's where all the real good junk is of course ;) ) So I got it out brought it inside cleaned it up & spray painted the bottom. After months of looking for a shade that fit I finally found one & payed $2 for it. I want  to recover the shade of course. But first I want to see all the lamps you guys have already dolled up!

So add any LAMP you've fixed up your self even if you only added paint. If it's a lamp I want to see it.
Make sure to tell your friends & fellow bloggers. Also I don't have a button yet. So Please just follow my blog to show support & next party I will be sure to have one!

Thursday, August 19

Before my blogging days...

Before I started my blog I did a ton of other projects. Today I'm gonna show you guys a couple of them.
I started going to yard sales & thrift stores at the beginning of the summer & just can't stop! I've always had a crafty side but I mostly made hair bows & BIG tree topper bows, & a HUGE bow for my aunt to put on top of her daughters birthday car.

My first big find was 2 Mirrors for only $2 a piece!! This is the only before picture I could find. They're pretty tall & seriously $2?!?! How could anyone pass that up!

I sanded them, even though it was hard because of all the designs in the wood. Then I painted the one for my bedroom black & did a little distressing on it. I painted the other one white & put it in our hallway bc lets be honest there's only so much my bedroom can hold & I had more important things to put in there (like my thrift store chairs) ;)

So...Here they are!

The black one is hanging in my room now bc at the time I was totally into black accessories, but that white one sure is pretty :)

I also found these at my favorite junk store (thrift store whichever you prefer) for only $3 each!

The clock got a paint job, it use to look like this...

It still needs a new background behind the plastic but I'm looking for the perfect paper for that.
The mirror was in a booth that was having a half off sale, & i had been eyeing it for awhile so I knew it was meant to be!

I made these "candle sticks" out of old legs I found in the barn. I cut, sanded, & painted them. Sry no before pics. You may remember seeing them in my first post.

I made this for our hallway...It's a horrible pic I'm sry.
The Window was in a shed outside & i got the sticker vinyl thing from the Dollar Tree! So the whole project $1 :) & it looks so good in there.

I think that's about all i have for today. & Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the top fall post i wanted to make I've been all over blogland picking my favorites! & also I'm going to have a linky party so everyone can show there fall creations off!

P.S. I've been meaning to make a "button" if anyone has any pointers that would be nice :)

-Brittany Amber

Tuesday, August 17

Blogging Addiction

Hi, My name is Brittany & I'm addicted to blogs!

I currently have 20 blogs on my favorites bar...I read all twenty of them everyday. How pathetic :)
This is the reason I haven't been updating my blog. Not because I haven't been working on projects, but because I've been too busy reading yalls blogs! So, later I'm going to show my top favorite fall blog posts!! It's been in the 105s around here for weeks so I am definitely in the Fall spirit! :)
Now for the good stuff...

This table is beside my chair in our living room. Ok, not to be rude but I don't care for it much at all. It was boring me so I decided to make it my first Mod Poge project! I've been dying to mod podge & now i want to do it to everything! ;)

Here are my supplies:
Mod Podge-4.69 at HL
Pretty paper-.59 each at HL (i got 2 sheets but had some left over)
sand paper & paint roller- already had
So this was around $6
I sanded the table a little then rolled the table with my mod podge. Layed the pretty paper on & mod podged another layer. It says to let it dry 1-2 hours, but because I can't make a living from doing nothing all day I went to work & let it dry for ah about 2 days ;)
Needless to say I like it a lot more it looks real nice in our living room. My mom wasn't sure it would hold up to cups sweating on it & what not but I got glossy finish mod podge & it holds up great!

I love the texture of the paper on the wood. Seriously I've been thinking about a ton of things to Mod podge!
Top favs of fall coming soon :)

-Brittany Amber

Tuesday, August 10

My latest junk finds!

I heart good junk!
That pic at the top has nothing to do with this post, but i do love it. I took it of a shed in our yard.

Now...for the good stuff!

I got both of these from my favorite junk store in town for $5 a piece! They looked just like that pic when i got them. I put a fresh coat of pain to each one, & did some reinforcment on the legs. Heres what they look like now....
I have to admit, the white is my favorite! But how can you beat 2 perfectly good chairs for only $10 bucks!
I also got this cute little shelf.
I painted it white...

I think it turned out pretty good for just $4.

Also I have a lot going on these next couple of weeks, so don't give up on me I promise you im DIY-ing every chance I get & taking pictures while I am. Theres much more to come, so keep checking in & tell your friends. :)
-Brittany Amber

An Old Favorite

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been m.i.a the past week. It's been crazy around here. But, some how I've managed to get a few projects done.

I am SO happy to say I am FINALLY done with this project!! It's been a long process...
Here's the before.
This is a bench to a vanity that belonged to my great-grandmother. I've had it for a long time! Apparently my great-grandmother was a junker too!! :)  I've heard that she enjoyed dumpster diving hehe. I think it's so ironic that I got such a great piece from her. It took me awhile to figure out exactly how i wanted to fix this is what i had at first...
It was going to be grey with black stripes, but that didn't work for me. So then i did this...
I wanted light green stripes that barely show up. In real life it looks that way but they seem to show up more in this pic. I wanted it to be like these Hint of Mint stripes over at Life in the Fun Lane. Her furniture is so crisp & clean...I love it.
And here is my finally product!
The top is covered with a deep green fabric i found at Hobby Lobby in a fabric bin for (gasp!) $4! I didn't put in dept instructions bc stuff like this is all over blogland!
This last picture makes me so giddy! Seriously, i did that! :)

So here's the prices:
Paint(all 6 coats)-Freeee
Fabric-$4 bucks
Grand total...$4!

P.S. I forgot to mention I also have the vanity (which is absolutely beautiful) I can't wait to redo it...but right now i dont have any room left in this bedroom of mine so it will be a project for the future.

-Brittany Amber