Monday, April 18

What I've been up to...

Well it never fails, my busy schedule has limited my time for blogging. I wish I could just do projects and blog ALL day. Unfortunately I can't! It feels so bad to say, but I haven't done a single project in months!! :(
Hopefully that will change by summer time. So here's whats going on in my little life...

I went to the most AWESOME concert
Me & my best friend/cousin (you can be both by the way ;) ), Alex,  went to the Winter Jam 2011 in Little Rock! It is a Christian Rock Tour that travels around. It was so amazing. We had the best time listening to our favorite artists, since we are both die hard Christian Rock fans. You can find dates for Winter Jam and other christian concerts at

'The Boys' turned one!

 My nephews turned 1! I can't believe a year ago their mommas some how managed to both go into labor within hours of each other & have these sweet boys in the same hospital!! :) They have definitely stolen my heart.
We went on a CRUISE! :)

It was the most amazing vacation I've ever been on. We went to Jamaica, Caymen Islands, and Cozumel Mexico. It was a 7 day cruise so by day 5 I was ready to be back to the good ol' south. And back to Mexican food for sure ;)

Remember this excited, full of energy freshman that you seen in earlier posts?? She is gone! & this extremely worn out girl is here. I am ready to get these last few weeks of classes over with so I can take a little break before I hit the books again this summer. Needless to say, this time next year I will officially be in the RN program :) ahh I will be SO happy when I am finally there! :D

Im a Scentsy Consultant :)
That's right I am officially a Scentsy consultant. I think it was a great decision, because to me it isn't a job it's just a hobby that happens to bring in a little extra cash. Im going to try to do 1-2 parties a month for right now and hopefully more in the future. If any of you want to order from me then just use my web page:

I'm going on a much needed Hobby Lobby date with my best friend next Monday so I should actually have some projects to show soon.

Tuesday, February 8

Party time!

I may be the most random blogger in blogland. I just post whenever I want!
So, since I've been m.i.a for over a month now let me just tell you what I've been up to.

WORK, school, & more work.

But, somewhere in between all of that I have finally decided to join the Scentsy team! You remember me telling you all about that great product in my last post?
(photo by Heather Flowers)
I'm hosting a party this month & hopefully by next month I will be selling it!
The good thing is all of you are invited to the party too.
All you have to do is go to click on the buy tab by my name (Brittany Lewis) and buy to your hearts desire ;)
Also *all* scentsy products are 10% off this month!
(with the exception of multi packs, and specialty items.)

If you need help deciding feel free to ask me!

Here's a few of my favorite scents this month:
Hazelnut latte
Coconut lemongrass
**Home Sweet Home**
Satin Sheets
Welcome home
Sweet Pea & Vanilla

**Home sweet home is my absolute favorite these days!

Anyways hope you all have time to take a look!

Tuesday, January 4

Top Two Tuesday @ The Undomestic Momma

It's crazy I normally always ready Taylor's top 2 Tuesday posts, but I've never participate! Anyways this week's topic is Top 2 Favorite Items from 2010! I knew I had to do this b/c its a perfect opportunity to tell you guys about my #1 favorite thing!

1. Scentsy

(photo by Heather Flowers)'s a little info about scentsy.
Each Scentsy Warmer houses a low-watt light bulb that gently melts a fragrant Scentsy wickless Candle Bar. No flame, no soot, no smoke, no lead! More fragrance, no worries.
Combine a Scentsy warmer with a Scentsy Bar, and bring affordable, beautiful fragrance into your home. A Scentsy Bar contains as much fragrance oil as a 12 oz jar candle - at a fraction of the price.
Most importantly.Scentsy Warmer designs range from the classic to the ornate. Choose a unique, reactive glaze finish or opt for the simple shape of a potbellied warmer. With 75 designs to choose from, Scentsy offers something for every mood and every budget.
(All information can also be found at

Now lets be serious.
There is nothing like waking up in the morning to your favorite scent. Or coming home to a house filled with the smell of blueberry cheesecake!
I've been HIGHLY considering selling Scentsy, but I'm not sure if I have enough time. It's definitely on my mind though. & if I do I will set up a link on here to my website to generate more traffic ;)

2.The Altima

It took me awhile to think of what my #2 would be. But then I remembered it's our top two favorite things of the year. And my car is definitely one of my top favorite things of this year!! I got it right before graduation when a unfortunate deer was ran over by my other car..
I guess all things happen for a reason. I knew for a very long time a wanted.needed.had to have this car! My favorite part is the back, its just so classy&sporty at the same time. I keep it extremely clean on the inside...the outside not so much since I live on a stupid dirt road. I still haven't got the windows tinted yet, but I'm taking really good care of my "baby". My favorite part is, it's MINE! I pay the bill every month & I actually own something :)

Well I hope y'all enjoyed it & go over to Taylor's blog. It's amazing & she has great giveaways...I actually won a giveaway on her blog one time!!

Tuesday, December 21

How to make a tinsel tree

Here's what you need
1. tinsel (1 pk is plenty)
2. party hat
3. hot glue gun
4. scissors
I just used stuff I had around the house. I thought the party hat would work perfect & i was just going to throw it out anyways.
I cut the ruffles off the bottom & started hot gluing the tinsel from the seem.

I added another layer all the way up since you could still see a little bit of the pink & I wanted it to have a fuller look. It turned out really cute and only took a few minutes.

& here is the finished product! I love it, and it beats paying like $5 when I made if for FREE! :)

(I apologize for the terrible pics I took them real quick with my iPhone4)