Tuesday, August 17

Blogging Addiction

Hi, My name is Brittany & I'm addicted to blogs!

I currently have 20 blogs on my favorites bar...I read all twenty of them everyday. How pathetic :)
This is the reason I haven't been updating my blog. Not because I haven't been working on projects, but because I've been too busy reading yalls blogs! So, later I'm going to show my top favorite fall blog posts!! It's been in the 105s around here for weeks so I am definitely in the Fall spirit! :)
Now for the good stuff...

This table is beside my chair in our living room. Ok, not to be rude but I don't care for it much at all. It was boring me so I decided to make it my first Mod Poge project! I've been dying to mod podge & now i want to do it to everything! ;)

Here are my supplies:
Mod Podge-4.69 at HL
Pretty paper-.59 each at HL (i got 2 sheets but had some left over)
sand paper & paint roller- already had
So this was around $6
I sanded the table a little then rolled the table with my mod podge. Layed the pretty paper on & mod podged another layer. It says to let it dry 1-2 hours, but because I can't make a living from doing nothing all day I went to work & let it dry for ah about 2 days ;)
Needless to say I like it a lot more it looks real nice in our living room. My mom wasn't sure it would hold up to cups sweating on it & what not but I got glossy finish mod podge & it holds up great!

I love the texture of the paper on the wood. Seriously I've been thinking about a ton of things to Mod podge!
Top favs of fall coming soon :)

-Brittany Amber


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Brittany, very nice to meet you & welcome to blogging! It is a lot of fun, so enjoy yourself. Sounds like you are a crafty girl too.

I had that exact same side table from a yardsale, but I upgraded & sold it.

... said...

Thanks Rhoda! Don't forget to follo please.

Sugah Bear said...

Brittany - thaks for making my ugly table look like a work of art. and you were right about being able to put drinks on it and the sweat not affecting it.
I love it!