Tuesday, February 8

Party time!

I may be the most random blogger in blogland. I just post whenever I want!
So, since I've been m.i.a for over a month now let me just tell you what I've been up to.

WORK, school, & more work.

But, somewhere in between all of that I have finally decided to join the Scentsy team! You remember me telling you all about that great product in my last post?
(photo by Heather Flowers)
I'm hosting a party this month & hopefully by next month I will be selling it!
The good thing is all of you are invited to the party too.
All you have to do is go to www.mywoodellboys.scentsy.us click on the buy tab by my name (Brittany Lewis) and buy to your hearts desire ;)
Also *all* scentsy products are 10% off this month!
(with the exception of multi packs, and specialty items.)

If you need help deciding feel free to ask me!

Here's a few of my favorite scents this month:
Hazelnut latte
Coconut lemongrass
**Home Sweet Home**
Satin Sheets
Welcome home
Sweet Pea & Vanilla

**Home sweet home is my absolute favorite these days!

Anyways hope you all have time to take a look!