Friday, December 10

Second trip to Canton, TX

We made our second trip to Canton, TX last weekend to get our new English bulldog!
I only got a few pics once again bc I was too busy looking at all the great stuff.

Now for the few pics I got...

Mom & Dad before we got started. I took a pic of myself but I decided to spare y'all!

We saw some interesting stuff... :)

 I LOVE this!
 I'm not sure about this, but I liked it.

hmmm, I wonder where I could put this.
I'm going to make some small wreaths like this Saturday.

So...if you've never been to Canton here are a few tips.
1. You HAVE to go at least once! It's amazing shopping you just can't get anywhere else.
2. Do NOT use the restrooms there. It's disgusting id advise you to stop before you get there and not drink to much, haha!
3. Go during the fall. There's more people, but the weather makes a big difference. Plus all the Christmas stuff is for sale and there is a huge selection!
4. Don't be afraid to eat at the food court there, we ate at the Baked Potato. It was SO good.
5. The obvious; where comfortable shoes, take cash, and have something to put all your goodies in.

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KayKay said...

Did u ever have problems out of your English bulldog? And how much and which vendor did I get it from? I've been wanting one sooooo bad.