Sunday, December 19

Mesh Christmas tree topper

When I posted about our Chirstmas decor I mentioned I made our tree topper from floral deco-mesh, and said I would post on how to do it. So here's what you need:

Deco-mesh (we got our green from Sam's, and this one from Canton), pipe cleaners (or something to tie with), & we also got some pretty floral glittery things to stick in the bow.
I didn' get pictures of me actually making the bow, & I am sorry for that. But its not hard to explain...
1. roll out mesh ad choose a length. I honestly don't remember how much I used but it doesn't take much. (but don't cut the mesh off bc its easier to leave the roll attached. you'll understand later.)
2. fold the mesh from the outside in, making big loops, its just like making a hair bow only much bigger. I made two loops for each side just to add thickness.
3. then you gather the middle and tie it.
4. you should still have the roll of mesh attached. Use it to create a center for the bow. Bring the extra to the back, tie, and cut.
5. I also added streamers going down the tree that I made separately and then tied to the bow just to keep it together.
6. lastly add your little pretty stems just to add some fun!
I hope that made at least a little bit of sense. If not just email me or leave a comment & ill help!
Merry Christmas!



The Autocrat: Haley said...

I totally want to buy some of that for next year. Your bow looks fabulous!!

theyoungjunker said...

Thank you! It was so easy to make.