Saturday, July 31

Canton, TX trip!

My family took a small trip to Canton, TX for the First Monday's trade days. I had so much fun. It was a HOT one though!! One of our first purchases was a couple of the neck coolers for my Mom & I. They helped a ton. If you go I highly suggest getting one before you even get started! Above is a picture of a sign we saw when we first got there. Mom & I were so happy to see Christian related signs. Below is a picture of my first look down the hill at the shops...I was SO excited, I would've ran but I'm too accident prone hehe :)

I didn't get many picture of the shops and all of the cool stuff there. Mostly because it was so extremely hot. I got ZERO pictures of the fam. because I'm almost  positive no one felt up to taking pictures. But here's a few...

Is this chair awesome or what! Curse me for bringing the car & not a truck.  ;)
(p.s. I didn't crop the pics because it's always fun to look at stuff in the background, or at least I think so.)

I loved these old cookie jars. The Mickey Mouse one was $545!

I Just loved this HUGE shovel.

This Flip flop place had the cutest cowgirl rubber boots that I totally needed!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Terrel, TX. It was nice, i loved the bathroom vanity. I would recommend this hotel for sure.
I was SO happy to see this sign!! I'm lactose intolerant so ice cream is a rare treat...I didn't get one but it's nice that I had the option! :)
Here's the stuff I got, it's not much. But of course there is only so much a girls bedroom can hold. ;)
I FINALLY got a cheese dome :)) when i found that bad girl for $7 bucks i almost peed my pants hehe. & I got a few other odd & ends...
Over all it was a great trip. I can't wait to go back!

P.S. This week I'll show my plans for my awesome cheese dome!
Also here are a few links to the canton trade days website & our hotel just in case yall want to go.

-Brittany Amber

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