Tuesday, November 23

I'm still here!

I am so upset that I neglect my blog so badly. I honestly do love to blog and do all my crafting stuff, but I have ZERO time to do it. Since I gave myself a break from my 5 page med term paper I decided to catch you up....
So....Since Oct. 23 lots has happened...

I FINALLY turned 18! :)
My family surprised me with cheese cake, a birthday hat & pen, & presents before we went on a trip to the casino since in OK I am now legal to gamble lol! But don't worry I wont be wasting any of my money anytime soon ;)

I celebrated Halloween with this cute little 'busy bee'!
It just so happens my birthday is the day before Halloween so we got to see the kids before they went trick-or-treating. (ps. look at my beautiful car in the background, ahh I love her!)

I hosted a gorgeous wedding shower!
 It was Italian themed so we had lots of pasta, bread sticks, salad, cream soda, cannolis (sent in from Dallas), and a lemon creme cake from Olive Garden. The first pic is the bride's table with pics of the couple...I loved how it turned out! The dessert table was pretty cute too. & lastly the food table. I didn't get anymore pics but the other tables but they were cute  too, & she got some good stuff.

I took lots of pics of this cute guy!
Who just so happens to be getting a new baby brother (dog of course) on Dec. 4th!! We can't wait to go back to Canton, TX...& do a little Christmas shopping while we're there :) eeek!! :)

I went from this, to.......

Haha, I got my hair cut
& some darker color. I like being dark brown but i can't bother with it during the summer bc that darn sun will turn it right back! Also please excuse my nasty room...that's another thing I have a hard time finding time to do.

& that's about all! I will have pics up from our Canton, TX trip after we go. Hopefully,I
will post before then on my Christmas decor. I am going to start on that on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving! & good luck to those of us who will be fighting the crowds on Black Friday!

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