Friday, September 10

Where do creative ideas come from?

I don't have any projects to show you guys today. Mostly because I'm super busy, and since I haven't found a CNA job yet I've made myself promise not to spend money on "junk". But, I got this super sweet e-mail forward from my Mom where a friend of hers said how much she loves my blog & I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the junk store or Dollar Tree tomorrow so I will have a new post to help you guys with you fall decor! (Ah my favorite decor of all!)

Anyways the reason for this post is to show you guys that making decor isn't some kind of super power! I totally wish it was, but the truth is anyone can do it! Hence DIY :)

So, I am going to tell the best secret ever...the ideas all of the bloggers around here have aren't always original...

They're just cheaper versions of stuff like this...
This pumpkin stack, oh excuse me Pumpkin Topiary is from Kirkland's "Harvest" collection. It is $24.99!!
What in the world?? I do love it, & I'm seriously thinking about making it tomorrow just so I can show you that $24.99 is a rip off & we shouldn't have to wait till December to get "harvest" decor at a reasonable price.

This one honestly cracks me up. Pottery Barn is selling this set of fake acorns for $14 bucks (& you get about 54.)...ACORNS people! I just got some acorn decor, for FREE. It's called your yard & It's the best place to shop for fall decor like: acorns and pine cones.

 This is just plain crazy! Pottery Barn made this Halloween set up, which I love! What they are trying to sell is that big cloche. Their price is $ that's some serious sticker shock. Cloches are so plentiful at junk store you can find one just about every time you go in there. as for the other stuff that decorates it, lets do i list...books, candlestick: have, spider, tombstone candle, moss: dollar tree, so you maybe would spend $10 on this same look if you just found a cloche & took the time to decorate around it.

So, stop looking at those magazines & emails you get and thinking, that cost too much I just wont have any decor...make it! You can do it.

My intentions for this post was not to bash department stores for their high prices, but to show you all how easy it can be to find inspiration and creativity. Its right in front of us we just have to look with a knew eye. Good luck with your decor. I'll be posting this weekend to show you some fall decor I'm working on. If you want to show me something you make because of this post don't hesitate to email me I'd love to hear from you.  mrszcross (@) yahoo (dot) com

p.s. I know my Mom has been emailing people to tell them about my blog. Because of this I have been considering adding a tab to my blog for all of our local junk stores and stores to buy supplies. Basically I'll review them for you show you what you can find there and if the prices are reasonable. If any of you guys are interested in visiting the junk stores in our area. If so email me or mom and let me know. Also if you want to follow my blog, or post comments please make a google account to do so. I don't want to include unnecessary information unless you guys are reading this. Thanks!

-Brittany Amber :)


Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog... said...

Nice blog!It's a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding. Good Luck!

theyoungjunker said...

Thank you gail! Don't forget to become a follower.

xinex said...

Lots of inspirations here and you are right, they can all be copied cheaply. How nice that your mom is so proud of you! Good luck finding a job!..Christine

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey there! I'm glad you liked my $2 cake was a steal wasn't it!!? :) I LOVE yard sales! I have fall pumpkins and leaves under the dome now...very cute!
I adore the pumpkin topiary...just might have to do that one! I think I'll do a screen shot of it so I can remember what it looks like. Your blog is very glad to see someone young and in college, so interested in doing things beautifully, but inexpensively. :) Nice!
Have a great day

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Brittany,
Welcome to blogging and thanks for coming by. I am all about finding it and making it on the cheap! My daughter is about your age and she is finally liking to look in thrift stores, GW, etc to make her apartment look good on the cheap!
Great Post, you said it well!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

How fun to meet you. I love a blog that shops at thrifts, GW and the DT. That is where most of my decorations come from and I love to be creative and copy some of the expensive things I see in the stores and magazines. Great post today. Thanks also for stopping by and your gracious comment on my "Cloche Party". I hope you will join us for the next one. I also host Table Top Tuesdays. This is where we show our vignettes and displays on any surface in our home,(end tables, mantels, kitchen counters, bathrooms,shelves, bookcases) just about any place that we can figure out to decorate. Hugs, Marty

theyoungjunker said...

Thanks everyone! Im so glad you all came to check out my blog! :)
Ill have a new post up tonight hopefully so hope yall have time to check it out.

bj said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and inviting me glad you are going to be so much fun. There's nothing a lot of us like any better than Pottery Barn knockoffs. We all love the look but not their prices. I have several PB knockoffs and just love them.
So glad you are blogging...can't wait to see some of your cute suggestions.
xo bj
O...and I am signing up to follow.:)
O...and Blogger now has Spam folders for us so word verification can go DOWN !! yippee

Kristol Faucheux said...

my yard has like a THOUSAND oak trees, so i'm heading out today to round up a MILLION acorns. maybe I can sell them for a profit and call the PB knockoffs.